CACI Treatments

Computer Aided Cosmetic Instrument

CACI Treatments run as a course of treatments, averaging between 10 to 15 sessions and can take between 20-60 minutes depending on your chosen CACI treatment.  You may require more or less and this will depend on your skin tissue and muscle tone – however, it does not depend on your age.  On completion of one course of CACI treatment, another course should not be necessary provided you return for your recommended maintenance treatment which, on average is once a month or between 4 – 6 weeks.

The long term effects of life’s stresses show on your body, and your face is one of the first places it shows by causing degeneration and sagging. The tell-tale signs are; your skin begins to dry and blotches of discoloration appear, muscles lose their tone, cheeks and jowls start to sag, wrinkles spread and deepen and you can begin to look older than your years.


The CACI system is designed to defy the signs of ageing and keep your skin youthful, glowing and to keep your facial muscles toned.


The CACI will work on any wrinkles and laughter lines, firms up bags and tightens the muscles that make up your face. It not only improves looks, but also relaxes you and makes you feel more youthful.  It will leave your face feeling alive and with a vibrant glow. Results are visible after your very first session although a course of CACI treatments are recommended for more permanent results.


CACI Treatments will stimulate the circulation of energy to your facial tissues and muscles. This will increase the rate that your skin produces proteins such as collagen and elastin and the rate in which muscle tissue can be re - constructed.  CACI Treatments deal with both the skin and the supporting muscle tissue beneath it, restoring form and vitality to tissues that have gone soft due to lack of use and lack of circulation.   The muscles in your face are like small elastic bands under the skin.  As we grow older they start to lose their natural firmness and elasticity, allowing your facial skin to sag.  This sagging becomes particularly noticeable around the mouth and chin areas of your face.  Even the slightest slackness has an undesirable effect on your facial appearance.  


The CACI system is designed to give gentle exercise to your facial muscles, tightening and firming them in order to reduce slackness.  Due to sensitivity of your facial muscles and the degree of exercise it requires, facial improvement takes longer than improving your figure. The CACI treatments will improve lymphatic drainage of your face resulting in complexion improvements and a reduction of eye bags.  Treatments also soften scar tissue, lighten the colour of your skin and reduce the size of enlarged pores.

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