What is Dermaplaning?

Latest insight into peeling, utilising enhanced exfoliation
A manual exfoliation procedure using a straight edge surgical blade or scalpel at  45 degree angle to exfoliate the epidermis
Newly designed blade
Designed with an increased awareness for safety-Thinner/Longer Blade
Professional in clinic procedure
Exfoliation similar to “Microdermabrasion” but without the negative pressure.

Removing facial hair by Epidermal Levelling does not encourage more hair growth

No downtime


Are you a candidate?

Removes vellus hair
No harsh effects of waxing

Safe for Pregnant and Lactating Females
Safe for all Fitzpatrick skin types
Suitable for patients with telangiectasia




Removes vellus hair

Effectively removes top layers of dead skin cells Leaves skin smooth and glowing

Evens skin texture and reduces hyperkeratinised buildup
Thins and compacts Stratum Corneum
Increases absorption of active products
Assists in reducing blocked follicles and milia
Increases firmness and elasticity
Minimises fine lines/wrinkles
Minimises sun damage and hyperpigmentation

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