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More and more people are choosing cosmetic treatments to enhance and rejuvenate their face.

Muscles in our face allow us to express a range of emotions such as happiness, sadness and anger. 

Wrinkle relaxers or injectables are used to reduce dynamic lines and wrinkles that form in the upper face.  As we age, changes occur at different rates to our upper, mid and lower face.  In the upper face, “dynamic” lines appear in the forehead and around the eyes when we smile or frown.  Over time the repeated use of facial muscles cause lines and wrinkles to appear.  These lines appear because various muscles contract to form different facial expressions. 

Over time, these expression lines begin to linger a little longer or become a little deeper, even when your face is at rest (these are called “static lines”) 

The products we use relax wrinkle-causing muscles to help refresh your facial appearance.   These products are prescription-only medicines and the products can only be used by a qualified medical professional.  

We have two products available at Highland Beauty.  During your consultation with our doctor or nurse you can decide which product is best suited to you. 

Your initial appointment will include a doctors consult. Treatments are quick and simple, non-surgical procedures.  A small amount of product is injected into specific facial muscles with a very fine needle.   Typically any pain is minimal and brief and no anaesthetic is required.  You can resume normal activities immediately.  However it is very important to follow the after-care instructions provided by your injectable clinician.



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